Disinfecting & Cleaning Daytona Beach, Florida

United Water Restoration Group of Daytona Beach technicians are also highly trained and skilled at disinfecting and cleaning services. These services can be utilized by businesses and homes alike. They can be utilized prior to a social gathering at a home and after, this will help add an extra layer of protection for those attending and living in the home. Businesses can utilize them after a day of normal traffic or after heavy traffic. These services add a layer of protection against pathogens, like the common cold and flu.

Technicians in Daytona Beach, Florida administering our disinfecting and cleaning services follow all safety guidelines set by the Centers for Disease Control, Environmental Protection Agency, and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. We do this to help maintain the safety of our technicians as well as those in the business or home. Our technicians in Daytona Beach, Florida do their best to maintain a safe environment while providing the job promised.

Our office in Daytona Beach, Florida provides extensive disinfecting and cleaning services that protect against common pathogens as well as other allergens and irritants. While dust is not inherently dangerous, this allergen can irritate people over prolonged periods of time. Allergens and irritants like this build-up through the year and should be cleaned. Our technicians in Daytona Beach, Florida provide an encompassing clean that will carefully comb through your property and get hard-to-reach spots and high-touch surfaces. High-touch surfaces are areas that receive a lot of touch and attention. Items such as doorknobs, counters, furniture, and remotes are high-touch yet rarely receive cleaning and disinfecting.

Our technicians in Daytona Beach, Florida will provide a deep, thorough clean that leaves your home or business safer and cleaner. United Water Restoration Group of Daytona Beach is open 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. Our schedule is flexible and can work around any business’ hours to administer these services without the presence of customers or most employees.

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"Jordan was a very professional knowledgeable young man. He spent quality time examining my problem issues. He gave many solution options that we are currently considering. Would highly recommend the service!"
Dawn Maitri
UWRG Customer
"Jordan Fike is very knowledgeable and kept me up-to-date every day. I would recommend him to anybody I know who needs his services."
Frank Capek
UWRG Customer