The Dangers of Dryer Lint Build Up

We all wash our clothes regularly with modern-day technology. Machinery can make our lives easier, but we still have to manage these advanced appliances. Dryer machines help rapidly dry our clothes in a mass quantity, but the lint produced is a byproduct of fabrics when drying them. Lint can build up on the lint screen […]

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Spotting a Fire Hazard

Fire hazards are not always easy to identify. Thousands of fires happen each year because people don’t know what a fire hazard looks like. You have a responsibility to make sure that fire hazards don’t develop into fires. Some of these could be caused by abandoned materials in the home that eventually ignite. At United […]

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How do I Clean Smoke Damage?

Smoke contains harmful gases, particles, and residues that cling to everything they contact. Smoke also can leave an unpleasant odor. The worst thing you can do is ignore it or try to clean things without the proper equipment or knowledge; just because you might not know what kind of smoke damage has happened in your […]

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