5 Ways to Avoid A Leaking Washing Machine

You hear a loud, dowsing sound coming from your house. You check the weather to discover it’s a bright, sunny day outside. Realizing the source of the noise you dash to see if there’s a pool of water seeping out of the room. Your washer has sprung a leak. If you have a lot of […]

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The Dangers of Dryer Lint Build Up

We all wash our clothes regularly with modern-day technology. Machinery can make our lives easier, but we still have to manage these advanced appliances. Dryer machines help rapidly dry our clothes in a mass quantity, but the lint produced is a byproduct of fabrics when drying them. Lint can build up on the lint screen […]

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Spotting a Fire Hazard

Fire hazards are not always easy to identify. Thousands of fires happen each year because people don’t know what a fire hazard looks like. You have a responsibility to make sure that fire hazards don’t develop into fires. Some of these could be caused by abandoned materials in the home that eventually ignite. At United […]

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